Wine, Beer, and Spirits

Packaged Pump Systems

Wine, beer, and spirits are an industry that has specific pumping requirements.  When drawing down tanks, for example, there is a limited amount of pressure on the suction of the pump.  This means that a pump with a low Net Positive Suction Head Required (NPSHr) is necessary to prevent air from coming out of solution and causing not only issues with the pump, but also influencing the taste of the product.  Shear is another issue in this industry, where the molecules in the product can be "sheared" from the aggressive action of pumping, which can distort the flavor.  Adding to these challenges, most pumps for the wine, beer, and spirits industry need to be portable. 


Rogue River Systems has designed the Pump Chariot with all of these considerations in mind.  We use centrifugal pumps with low NPSHr and a gentle fluid handling of the product.  For barrel racking and smaller transfers of finished product, we recommend our Pump Chariot with an air-diaphragm pump to gently push the product from one location to another. Air diaphragm pumps with a properly adjusted regulator valve can also run while the discharge valve is closed, making it perfect for barrel work. Finally, if solids are present, our Pump Chariot with a rotary lobe pump is gentle on the product and able to pass stems and byproducts.