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Updated: Feb 6

Joke of the day: A friend asked me if I like sunrises or sunsets better...I replied,

they both have their ups and downs.

Project Overview

Sunrise Ranch is a residential community located in Mapleton, UT with a special need to create a fail-safe pump system, which we accomplished in coordination with Mountainland Supply of Orem, Utah. This project required a very unique and specific need for a tri-fuel engine backup. A self-priming pump driven by an engine with three different fueling methods is not a typical request. However, Rogue River Systems stepped up to the plate on this engineering world series by designing an advanced backup system that operates with gasoline, natural gas, or propane. These redundancies ensure that the pump system will be powered regardless of any external issues.

The project owner is Ridgepoint Management Group who is working on behalf of McArthur Homes, a premier residential builder in Utah County. This large housing development will soon host up to 300 families and the construction is well underway. These homes are being built as part of Utah’s Commission on Affordable Housing’s mission to address the lack of access to affordable housing in the state of Utah.

At Rogue River Systems, we specialize in packaged pump systems to support critical infrastructure and housing projects like Sunrise Ranch.

Design Details

The pump was specifically designed to move wastewater from the residential community to a wastewater treatment facility. This unit is operating on electric power and should power be disrupted, there are three back-up fuels connected to the backup engine, gasoline, natural gas and propane. The backup engine ensures that wastewater will be moved no matter the circumstances.

The complexities and uniqueness of this pump truly allowed Rogue River Systems to shine and underscore that if you can dream it - we can build it.

Pump System Specifications:

  • (2) Summit SNS04SA, 4" Self-Priming Pumps w/4-pole, ODP Motor

  • 380 GPM at 56.3ft TDH with Certified Pump Performance Test

  • One Motor to be Double-Shafted for Backup Tri-Fuel Engine Driver

  • Full Trim Impeller with Belt and Sheave Speed Reduction

  • (1) Zenith 1.6L Gama Engine (Tri-Fuel - Natural Gas, Propane, Gasoline) to Provide Backup Operation of Double-Shafted Motor During Power Loss

  • Centrifugal Clutch and Engine Operating Panel

  • Battery and Trickle Charger

  • Automatic Air-Release Valves on Each Pump Discharge

  • Fusion Bond Epoxy Coating on Steel Base and Piping

  • Flomatic 6" Flo-E-Centric Plug Valves On Each Pump

  • Flomatic 6" Swing-Flex Lever and Spring Check Valves on Each Pump

  • 10' Drain Hose with Quick-Connect Fittings for Each Pump

  • Submersible Intrinsically Safe Level Transducer with "Bird-Cage" Weight and Backup Float

  • Duplex Control Panel, UL508A, NEMA1, 65kAIC(Shipped Loose for Off-Skid Installation)

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