Medical Dental Building

What do you call a dentist’s advice?

Their FL ossophy

With more than 50 years of experience, the team of doctors at West End Dental have been a cornerstone of the industry in Pacific Northwest. Built in 1926, their building is 10 stories high and is perfectly positioned in downtown Portland just blocks away from the Willamette River. Our friends at Local Plumbing reached out to Rogue River Systems to purchase a new vertical multistage pump for the building as a part of a full renovation.

The Santiam Delivers.

Rogue River Systems delivered the Santiam - our duplex vertical multistage pump system with 10HP, Goulds 33SV2 pumps. This unit features:

  • Danfoss FC202 Variable Frequency Drives with Cascade Controls

  • Stainless Steel Base and Piping

  • Pressure Control via Discharge Pressure Transducer

  • Flomatic Isolation Butterfly Valves and Discharge Check Valves

Call us today for 3D Modeling!

Rogue River Systems is unique because we go above and beyond in our relationship with our partners and customers. We include 3D modeling for our projects, every time. In this application, our customer was very concerned about whether our custom built Santiam would fit in their limited space.

Our engineering team has broad experience with all pumps, valves, and other components used in our highly engineered packaged pump systems. In partnership with our customer, we ensured that not only did the pump fit perfectly in the space but also that existing equipment within the space and the newly installed pump were not in conflict. The outcome was a perfectly designed pump system with exact customers specifications in a tight fitting space.

Quick outcomes:

  • Providing 79 Psi to 10 floors/68,089 square feet

  • The contractor/installer needed the unit to be unloaded and moved with a pallet jack

  • Controlled by Danfoss variable frequency drives and Cascade Controls' card which allows for one drive to be a master and the second drive to be a follower. The drive has enough logic to turn the follower on and off based on demand.

  • Incoming power was 230 Volt, 3 phase

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