Holmes Harbor

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Holmes Harbor Estates upgrades with Rogue River Systems

Holmes Harbor Estates is a community in Greenbank Washington, Whidbey Island. A community with 126 lot owners and 71 homes with access to trails at Historic Greenbank Farm. This property overlooks the entrance to Homes Harbor, Baby Island, and Saratoga Passage.

Water who cares?

This seems like a sleepy project. A community needs a water pump to ensure consistent water pressure throughout the properties. However, with a newly installed pump from Rogue River Systems, President of Holmes Harbor Community 2020, Nancy Sharp said that “ we were able to upgrade our pumps and control panel to a state-of-the-art system that will serve us for many years. We completed this work with sufficient funds remaining in the USDA grant to replace the ancient pressure tank in the pump house with a new set of much smaller tanks, build a new reservoir, and install an arsenic treatment system.”

Supported by the aggressive pricing of Rogue River Systems, Holmes Harbor was able to pursue an Arsenic Treatment System to ensure the safety and well being of their residents. Without Rogue River Systems, Holmes Harbor would not have been able to meet all of their specifications, come in under budget, and pursue the Arsenic Treatment System.

Pump, pump, pump it up!

In this application, our lead engineer Andrew Dodd was able to fully customize the Deschutes: 5-Plex Booster Pump System to fit the customer’s needs. The system was complete with 5HP pumps and NSF Fusion Bond Epoxy Coated pipe and base to ensure a safe and long lasting system.

Quick Outcomes:

  • Replaced an outdated system

  • Pump system is clean and aesthetically pleasing

  • Consistently and reliably supplies potable water to the community

  • Draws water from the on-site storage reservoir, fed by an existing well pump

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