Packaged Pump Systems

Large commercial greenhouses require booster pump skids for fresh water, fertilizer transfer, fertilizer batch mixing, fog nozzles, treated water, and more.  Rogue River Systems has experienced in-house engineering to help you with all of your greenhouse water needs.  Our Confluence fertilizer mixing station is a great example of our capabilities in this industry. 


The Confluence blends fresh water with recycled water from the floor and mixes it into a holding tank.  Our on-skid dosing pumps inject the necessary fertilizer into the holding tank.  From the bottom of the tank, a booster pump pulls the mixed, fertilized water from the tank and pushes it through two sand media filters and a safety filter, before it leaves the skid for distribution to the plants.  Electroconductivity and pH sensors provide feedback to the customer provided irrigation controller, which controls the mixing, dosing, and run times of all the pumps.  All of this on an approximately 9' x 14' fabricated skid that ships completely plumbed and wired.